Feminized Weed Seeds

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Feminized Weed Seeds

The Homegrown Cannabis Co. has feminized weed seeds for sale. Shop on our website and see all of our feminized seed selection. The Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers feminized Indicas, Sativas, and hybrids. We also guarantee that all of our cannabis seeds that are feminized produce at least an 85/15 female to male ratio. How can we be so confident that our seeds are going to be female? We have the best growers and cannabis breeders in North America working for our company. That is why people trust us for feminized cannabis seeds, and you can too!

Why Buy Feminized Seeds?

Marijuana consumers want flower (bud), and only the female cannabis plants produce flower. Therefore, males are useless to those who grow cannabis strictly to smoke or otherwise consume. This isn't to say that males can't be used because they can. However, if you want sensimilla pot, then you need to make sure that there are no males in your garden or anywhere near your girls. Many experienced growers will tell you that even moving males into another room of the same house is not enough to keep pollen from coming into contact with a female's pistils during flowering.

To avoid the frustration of males 'poisoning' their gardens, many cannabis growers choose to buy feminized weed seeds. This eliminates the potential of any males. While it is true that you can get an occasional male with feminized seeds, the rate is extremely low. Chances are; if you purchased ten cannabis seeds that are feminized, then you probably wouldn't get any male plants. If you did, they would be few and far between.

Feminized Seeds Help You to Avoid a Masculine Garden

One of the worst things that can happen to a grower is to purchase cannabis seeds online, germinate them, plant them, grow them, and care for them, just to realize that you have a bunch of non-budding males. It's not very cheap to purchase premium cannabis seeds from premium cannabis, so people want to protect their seed investment to make sure that they get as many females as possible. That's another reason why they choose feminized seeds.

Feminized Seeds are Great for Outdoor and Beginner Gardens

If you are an experienced cannabis grower, and you are growing indoors, you can probably make dues with even just one or two female plants out of a batch of seeds because you likely know how to clone them. But what do you do if your garden is outdoors? Then, cloning is not an option. What do you do if you're a beginner grower, and you're not sure how to clone cannabis plants? You're not going to risk the only one or two females you have to clone them.

Purchase Your Feminized Weed Seeds Today

Shop around on our website and find the weeds seeds that you love. If they are feminized, it will be declared in the seed strain's title. Also, don't hesitate to reach out for support if you need it.