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Alcohol Rehab Orange County

Coastline Behavioral Health is a leading alcohol rehab in Orange County with evidence-based therapies, modern amenities, world-class accommodation, and a remarkable staff team. Here are the top five signs warning that a person needs alcohol rehab treatment:

1. Short-term side effects

Do you experience trouble with breathing, impaired judgment, headaches, blackouts, distorted vision, or nausea frequently? These are several of the short-term side effects linked to alcohol addiction. Because of the social acceptance associated with alcohol consumption, most people fail to recognize the damaging effects on their health, career, and relationships. Failing to seek help in the early stages of your addiction can cause irreversible damages to your brain and body and cause extensive ramifications in the future.

2. Deteriorating health

A poorer immune system leading to frequent illnesses is a sign that you need rehab in Costa Mesa urgently. Some of the long-term effects of alcoholism include depression, permanent brain damage, psoriasis, mouth or throat cancer, anxiety disorders, neurological impairment, pancreatitis, etc. Seeking treatment in the beginning stages of your addiction is critical to prevent these serious health consequences. 

3. Legal issues

Is your loved one facing legal issues more frequently, such as speeding tickets, driving without a license, parking tickets, or assaults? Getting into trouble for not obeying the law is a major red flag calling the need for CA drug and alcohol rehab program. Alcoholism impairs judgment, causing the user to disobey the law and resort to risky behavior more often. Joining one of the Costa Mesa inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers can help your loved one regain control over their mind, body, and spirit and equip them with essential skills to lead a sober, healthy, and fulfilling life.

4. Desire to limit use but unable to do reduce or quit alcohol

While deciding to quit alcohol is the first step to recovery, achieving sobriety requires more than perseverance and determination. If you can't quit your addiction due to the withdrawal symptoms and cravings, joining a drug rehab in Orange County can help you achieve your recovery goals. In some cases, the cravings and withdrawal symptoms can be quite painful and unpleasant requiring you to undergo detox and recovery in a facility that offers 24/7 clinical care.

5. Issues at work or school

Do you find yourself or a loved one getting into trouble at work or school for tardiness and absenteeism or decline in performance? Your alcohol addiction could affect your productivity and tarnish your image in the process. Signing up for treatment at one of the top-rated addiction rehab centers in Costa Mesa can help you overcome your behavioral and mental health problem and lead a sober and gratifying life.

Call Coastline Behavioral Health at 714-841-2260 to speak with an addiction/mental health specialist. To learn more about our COVID-Safe policy, visit our website. As the #1 alcohol rehab in Orange County, we offer highly effective substance abuse and mental health treatment in a state-of-the-art facility with a dedicated and compassionate staff team.

Alcohol Rehab Orange County
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Alcohol Rehab Orange County
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Alcohol Rehab Orange County Alcohol Rehab Orange County


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