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Bunions are bone deformations that form on the foot where it joins the big toe. They develop over time, gradually getting bigger and sticking out from the rest of the foot.

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Ingrown toenails are nails that have grown into the soft skin that surrounds the nail bed. In many cases, it is the corner of the nail that curves downward into the skin.

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Dr. Robert Hadfield takes pride in helping children and families with foot and ankle care. Make an appointment with our office for your children today!

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Plantar fasciitis is a condition defined by inflammation of the plantar fascia – a thick tissue that connects between the heel bone, across the bottom of the feet and to the toes.

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Family Community Clinic

Family Community Clinic

People with bad medical experiences will tell you that they have constantly waited and avoided going to the doctor unless it was proven to be fatal or complicated. At Saban Community Clinic, we are here to tell you that is no longer the case. We try to have a premier customer service kind of relationship with our patients, looking for the best solution for you and your loved ones. Even though we treat urges, our main goal is to establish prevention from anything that might emotionally or physically cause you harm and create a long-term plan to lead towards your happiness. Consecutively, we grant you a list of our medical services, disclosed: 

  1. Behavioral Health Services: In our top-of-the-line whole health clinic, we practice our beliefs that health is integral; it must include mental, emotional as well as physical care. With that being said, we include a wide range of behavioral services in every one of our locations (we have 3 of them). Also, we can offer referrals to many community partners for job training, social aid, food, and housing. More specifically, our behavioral health services cover individual therapy, crisis intervention counseling, substance abuse treatment, opioid clinic, women's trauma group, couples group, grief and loss group, anger management group, smoking cessation program, men's support groups, teen support group, etc. 

  2. Medical: Whenever a medical issue comes, our physicians take over and connect patients with the pertinent therapeutic and health care needed according to the situation. Our entire model is based on this relationship, and we establish strategies to make this last through the long-term healing plan. For example, the medical services include diagnostic lab, prenatal care/obstetrics/gynecology, adult medicine, pediatrics, screening and treatment of chronic conditions, cancer and HIV screening, preventive care (vaccinations, nutrition/dietitian counseling, acupuncture, selected specialty care, alternative medicine). 

  3. Insurance enrollment: Most patients don't even consider the idea that they might be eligible candidates for certain insurance or health care plans. No matter where they come from, immigration status, legal troubles, we assist them in enrolling in these programs, especially with the tedious form-filling. These services include certified enrollment counselors, determining eligibility, Medi-Cal enrollment, my health LA enrollment, Medicare Enrollment, covered California Enrollment, annual re-enrollment, etc. 

  4. Pharmacy: In our three locations, you will find our on-site pharmacies, which are licensed to manage prescriptions from various insurance/health programs for your convenience and comfort. As it is, we continue with our promise to provide prescriptions free of charge to anyone unable to pay or without insurance. These services include filling/re-filling prescriptions, medication consultation, dispensing free medication, access to a pharmacist. 

  5. Vision: People need to be able to function in everyday life, being able to see as well as they could. Our vision clinic will provide full optometry and ophthalmology services. Also, one of our volunteer optometrists, Dr. Greg Pearl O.D, has donated a wide range of frames for you to choose. A more detailed list of our vision services: eye exams, eye care, vision correction, glasses prescriptions, eyewear, diabetic retinal exams, etc. 

  6. Dental: Knowing that dental operations tend to be expensive, many people have to face the hard decision of neglecting that part of their health. Since 1968, we’ve given our clients full-service dental services, including dentures and much more. Also, we offer cleanings, fillings, exams, x-rays, extractions, dentures, space maintainers, oral health education, dental sealants, etc. 

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