Plantar warts are the name given to warts that appear on the bottom of the foot. Warts occur when human papillomavirus (HPV) invades the body through cuts or weak areas of the skin. Generally, the strain of HPV that causes warts is not easily contagious, so it is not usually spread through skin to skin contact, although it can be. However, the virus does thrive in warm, moist areas and can be easily contracted by walking barefoot around communal showers, swimming pools, or locker rooms.

Did you know…

Plantar warts are more common in children and teenagers than they are in adults. In some cases, if they are present in childhood they can go away in adulthood and not return.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the symptoms of warts?

If you notice growths on the bottoms of your feet that are gray or brown, flat, have well-defined boundaries, are hard and rough to the touch, cause pain when you step down, have black dots (which are sometimes called seeds), or slightly raised growths on the bottom of your foot, then you may have plantar warts. If you have plantar warts, schedule a consultation with Dr. Hadfield today.

How will Dr. Hadfield diagnose and treat warts?

To diagnose warts, Dr. Hadfield will perform a physical examination of your foot and ask you about your medical history. In most cases, warts are easily identifiable from the exam. The treatment for warts depends on a number of factors, so once Dr. Hadfield makes a diagnosis, he will discuss your treatment options with you.

What can I expect after treatment?

After your initial wart treatment, Dr. Hadfield will give you specialized instructions to follow to prevent further outbreaks. Some things to remember are to keep your feet properly moisturized and to always wear protective footwear when walking through moist, warm areas.

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