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Bunions are bone deformations that form on the foot where it joins the big toe. They develop over time, gradually getting bigger and sticking out from the rest of the foot.


Ingrown toenails are nails that have grown into the soft skin that surrounds the nail bed. In many cases, it is the corner of the nail that curves downward into the skin.


Dr. Robert Hadfield takes pride in helping children and families with foot and ankle care. Make an appointment with our office for your children today!


Plantar fasciitis is a condition defined by inflammation of the plantar fascia – a thick tissue that connects between the heel bone, across the bottom of the feet and to the toes.

Dr. Hadfield, Mckinney food doctor podiatristWelcome to Hadfield Foot and Ankle! I’m Dr. Robert Hadfield, DPM and I practiced in McKinney for nearly 5 years and after a short hiatus I am back to proudly serve McKinney and the surrounding Collin County area. I founded Hadfield Foot and Ankle on the principles of superior patient & foot care which are: effective communication, highly skilled conservative and surgical treatment and superior customer service.

A McKinney Texas Podiatrist Center that You can Trust

A patient of mine and I had an important conversation a while back at my Mckinney office that made a big impact on me. She said that her having some complex issues has caused many of her doctors to dismiss her problems, chalking it up to anxiety or mental illness. I told her that doctors are human and they don’t always know the answer. They want to fix what they can. The best ones know when to say they don’t know and ask for help. As a patient it’s comforting to know that your doctor has seen your issue thousands of times and knows exactly how to fix it (and 99% of the time they do). But it’s called practicing medicine for a reason, and just like with anything else, the more practice (and training), the better you get. Except me playing golf, I won’t ever get better no matter how much I practice.

I am the son of a teacher and have always enjoyed educating others. As a podiatrist, it is from this background that I developed the desire and techniques to help everyone understand their medical condition and which treatments will be the most effective solution. I believe communication is the key to this solution and enjoy finding new ways to connect with others to help them understand as extensively as they want to learn. Everyone learns differently and I tailor the discussion to the learning style of the patient, rather than making them learn the way I teach.

I am a graduate of the Penn Presbyterian Medical Center residency program which is the one of only two 4 year programs in the country, where I learned the latest techniques as well as classically proven methods of treatment. I chose this training because I wanted to know all the answers (or at least 99% of them) and saw a wide variety of patients and conditions. I have continued to work on the most challenging cases since graduation. I am a perpetual student and continue to learn more daily to improve my ability to take care of patients.

What does a Foot Doctor or Podiatrist do?

Superior customer service in Mckinney TX for your foot care needs is of utmost importance at Hadfield Foot and Ankle center. I have unfortunately worked in many places where it has been severely lacking, which was a source of significant frustration. Having been a patient myself I have also seen firsthand how difficult it can be when employees are not concerned with me and my needs. This is why at Hadfield Foot and Ankle, you come first. You’re not a number, and our team cares for all our patients. As with several cases I’ve seen, those with ankle pain who receive advanced foot care can help prevent the need for ankle surgery, utilizing physical therapy instead.

I will help you come up with a treatment plan for ankle and foot pain. Ankle injuries are common, but the goal of seeing an ankle specialist or foot doctor is to avoid the need for reconstructive surgery. Whether you need diabetic foot care, or if you’ve got heel pain, athletes foot, or even toenail fungus, when it comes to podiatrists in McKinney, you’ll feel right at home. Bring your foot and ankle conditions for advanced podiatric medicine and care. Even if it’s just an ankle sprain or ankle instability, come in for a consultation – nothing “too big or too small” when it comes to your mobility.

The bottom line is I care a lot. Probably more than I should for my own health, which is probably why I’m bald (well, that and having twins). But caring makes a big difference. When you visit our office I want you to feel cared for because you are. It is a blessing to be able to make a positive impact on another person. I get to do it every day and I continue to be grateful for it. Whether you’ve got a sports injury, flat feet or a diabetic foot, I want to hear from you.








Our friendly, compassionate and competent staff is dedicated to you and will ensure your comfort and quality care. We provide the best and latest in technology and treatment options. We provide gentle, family-oriented care to the adults and children of our community here and surrounding areas.



Make an appointment at any of our convenient locations. Maximize your time with us by downloading our patient registration packet below.



Make an appointment at any of our convenient locations. Maximize your time with us by downloading our patient registration packet below.

Common Reasons Folks Near McKinney Need a Foot Doctor


Orthotics are an insert that goes inside a shoe that helps correct many foot problems.  There are two types: prefabricated and custom.  Prefabricated (or off the shelf) orthotics come in a variety of quality levels, ranging from what you can get at the pharmacy to ones that are near custom

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Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails occur when instead of growing straight, the sides of the nail on the toe curve and grow into the skin on either side of the nail. This causes pain and irritation, as well as possible infection. Ingrown toenails are usually genetic but affect a large portion of the

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Plantar warts are the name given to warts that appear on the bottom of the foot. Warts occur when human papillomavirus (HPV) invades the body through cuts or weak areas of the skin. Generally, the strain of HPV that causes warts is not easily contagious, so it is not usually

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Tendons are the thick, cord-like structures that hold muscle to bone, and when they become inflamed, tendonitis occurs. Tendonitis is almost always a result of overusing the tendon, causing it to become overstretched or slightly torn. Overusing the tendon can be a result of increased activity, constantly using the same

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Foot & Ankle Trauma

Foot and ankle trauma can occur at any time for any number of reasons. While they are most common with those who are active and play sports, they can also occur as a result of a misstep. The most common foot and ankle injuries are sprains and fractures, however it

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Sports Foot Injury

Sports are an important part of many people’s lives, however they can be risky to your foot and ankle health.  Quick recognition and treatment of any possible injuries will yield faster and more thorough healing, getting you back to doing what you love most. Dr. Hadfield has extensive experience treating

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Amputation Prevention

Diabetes poses a number of possible problems and complications to your feet that could result in amputation if not treated promptly. Because diabetes can be accompanied by nerve damage and poor circulation you may have an open wound you are unaware of and unable to heal properly, leading to an

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Bunion Surgery FAQs

Bunions are a deformity in the mechanical structure of the foot. They form as bony structures at the base of the big toe. Bunions are often caused by a combination of weak foot structure and years of wearing poorly fitting or tight shoes, though they may also develop as a

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Charcot Foot

Charcot foot is a condition that deforms the foot and can ultimately lead to disability or amputation. Patients with charcot foot almost always have diabetes, which causes damage to the nerves and a loss of proper sensation in the feet, leading to severe fractures and dislocations. Since nerve damage causes

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Limb Salvage & Preservation

At our office, limb preservation is of utmost importance when it comes to the care of our patients. Some of our patients – particularly those with diabetes – may be at risk for foot or leg amputation. Before amputating a foot or lower leg, we take every measure possible to

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